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[62] Submitted...

An Unsymmetrical, Cyclic Diborene Based on a Chelating CAAC Ligand and its Small-Molecule Activation and Rearrangement Chemistry

W. Lu, A. Jayaraman, F. Fantuzzi, R. D. Dewhurst, M. Härterich, M. Dietz, S. Hagspiel, I. Krummenacher, K. Hammond, J. Cui, H. Braunschweig


[61] Submitted...

Can a Wanzlick-Like Equilibrium Exist Between Dicoordinate Borylenes and Diborenes?

F. Fantuzzi*, Y. Jiao, R. D. Dewhurst, F. Weinhold, H. Braunschweig*, B. Engels*