[53] Submitted...

Can a Wanzlick-Like Equilibrium Exist Between Dicoordinate Borylenes and Diborenes?

F. Fantuzzi*, Y. Jiao, R. D. Dewhurst, F. Weinhold, H. Braunschweig*, B. Engels*

[52] Submitted...

Understanding, Modulating, and Leveraging Transannular Interactions

B. Ghosh, F. Fantuzzi, A. Phukan*

[51] Submitted...

Reactivity of cyano- and isothiocyanatoborylenes: metal coordination, one-electron oxidation and boron-centred Brønsted basicity

S. Hagspiel, E. Dren, M. Arrowsmith, F. Fantuzzi, A. Vargas, A. Rempel, M. Härterich, I. Krummenacher,  H. Braunschweig*

[50] Submitted...

Ab initio study of structural properties of lithium fluoride nanotubes

R. R. Oliveira*, F. Fantuzzi*, M. A. C. Nascimento*

[49] Submitted...

Taming the Antiferromagnetic Beast: Computational Design of Ultrashort Mn−Mn Bonds Stabilized by N-Heterocyclic Carbenes

M. A. S. Francisco, F. Fantuzzi*, T. M. Cardozo, P. M. Esteves, B. Engels, R. R. Oliveira*


Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg

Institute for Inorganic Chemistry

Institute for Sustainable Chemistry & Catalysis with Boron

Am Hubland, 97074, Würzburg, Germany.


Institute for Physical and Theoretical Chemistry

Emil-Fischer Strasse 42, 97074, Würzburg, Germany.

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