Image by Jaime Spaniol

[60] Submitted...

Diphosphino-Functionalized 1,8-Naphthyridines: a Multifaceted Ligand Platform for Boranes and Diboranes

J. Cui, M. Dietz, M. Härterich, F. Fantuzzi, W. Lu, R. Dewhurst, H. Braunschweig*


[59] Submitted...

Oligomerization of Alkyne-Functionalized Diarylbis(dimethylamino) diboranes(4) via Hydroboration

F. Schorr, N. Schopper, N. Riensch, F. Fantuzzi, M. Neder, R. Dewhurst, T. Thiess, T. Brückner, K. Hammond, H. Helten, M. Finze, H. Braunschweig*


[58] Submitted...

Unexpected formation of a dodecanuclear {Co(II)6Cu(II)6} nanowheel under ambient conditions: magneto-structural correlations

W. D. do Pim, I. F. Silva, E. N. da Silva Jr., H. O. Stumpf, W. X. C. Oliveira, E. F. Pedroso, C. B. Pinheiro. Y. Journaux, F. Fantuzzi, I. Krummenacher, H. Braunschweig, B. Engels, J. Cano*, M. Julve, C. L. M. Pereira*


[57] Submitted...

The Dimethylbismuth Cation: Entry into Dative Bi–Bi Bonding and Unconventional Methyl Exchange

J. Ramler, F. Fantuzzi, F. Geist, A. Hanft, H. Braunschweig, B. Engels, C. Lichtenberg*


[56] Submitted...

Can a Wanzlick-Like Equilibrium Exist Between Dicoordinate Borylenes and Diborenes?

F. Fantuzzi*, Y. Jiao, R. D. Dewhurst, F. Weinhold, H. Braunschweig*, B. Engels*


[55] Submitted...

Understanding, Modulating and Leveraging Transannular M→Z Interactions

B. Ghosh, F. Fantuzzi, A. Phukan*