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Dr Felipe Fantuzzi

Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Chemistry

Theoretical and Computational

Welcome to the exciting world of the Fantuzzi research group at the University of Kent!


We conduct cutting-edge research in the field of computational quantum chemistry and multiscale modelling to investigate the intricate electronic structure, bonding, and reactivity of main-group and organometallic compounds. Our research encompasses a broad spectrum of fields, including—but not limited to—boron chemistry, biradicals and biradicaloids, small-molecule activation, metal and metal-free catalysis, bioactive and biomimetic compounds, materials science, astrochemistry, and forensic science. We collaborate with numerous experimental and theoretical research groups across the globe to advance our understanding of these complex systems. Additionally, we are actively engaged in developing, with low- and middle-income nations of the Commonwealth and the Global South, projects that are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

Research Interests

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Kent Alliance for Interdisciplinary Research
in Organomaterials and Space

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